Don’t pour your money down the drain!

Sewerage is now levied as a percentage of your metered water use, so folks with gardens are seriously penalised.
Council currently charges about R20/kilo-litre (incl. levi) and the more you use, that percentage goes up too! 


Trash your water bill and get tankers more - for a whole lot less! 

Our well-points make a very well point -
in any language.  :-)

That point lies deep within the earth but you can access it - with our help and a tiny bit of Eskom.

Check this out!

1 kilowatt is 1unit of electricity which currently costs R1.50.
So a 1kw pump running for an hour costs you exactly that.


Now, it delivers ground water at well over 1,5kilo-litres/hr.
So 1,5kilo-litre
s costs R1.50; or to be precise R1/kilo-litre.


But, our 0.75kw pumps use less and deliver the same!
That means you save even more at only 75c per kilo-litre.


So, let's talk about this steal of a life time; R20 vs 75c!

Seriously, our well-points do make absolute cents -
because you save your Rands by the bucket! 


A typical well-point pump on a bore-hole

Above ground bore-hole pump

Is your bore-hole fleecing you?

We also help frustrated bore-hole owners.

Replacing submersible pumps is an expensive and time consuming exercise.

All pumps have design limits so unless you have a reliable contractor who understands bore-hole nuances and their various pump options - you can expect repeated issues.   

Contractors often ignore the symptoms which led to a failure, by replacing the same pump and not chosing a better option.
That approach simply repeats their call-out profits with you spending more money - just to keep it working! 

Our answer is simple - stop throwing your cash down that hole.

SAVE is your helping hand. Our focus and ability to think out-the-box gives us and you the advantage over our competitors.
This "old school" know-how minimises your down time, reduces running costs and helps you explore the options of
repair vs replacement - to make the right choice. That is our guarantee!