UPS - Hermanus

John's Eskom outage setup :)

We have an easy solution - for any headache.


John is a retired businessman who's passion is golf.


Tired of the constant Eskom outages his Mrs got him a small 12volt inverter/battery system to watch the major tournaments. Unfortunately they were conned because it was too small to power their TV, DSTV, remote and a light - as it kept bombing out within an hour - even after having the battery on charge for a whole day.


Knowing about us, he phoned for our advice on batteries.

After much discussion we said he would be better off buying a quality brand - pure sine wave inverter only - which would be powered by his 48volt golf cart battery to give him days of uninterupted viewing.


The smallest available 48volt unit has a 1kw (1000 watts) out-put, so we added other stuff to it - to make the most of what he got.  


To put it mildly, he's blown away by the performance of this pint-sized powerhouse and how easy it is to use. He's also chuffed with the added bonus of having a second TV, remote blaster, WiFi, cellphone charger, more lights, fan and a computer all powered up -
when he's not on the course! 


That's what we do - think out the box - for you! :)


Cost to client: R12,500