UPS - Milnerton

UPS office backup

Generator or batteries - that is the question?


A client asked us to help his father source a generator to cope with the Eskom outages at their offices.


Our investigations proved that a generator was not the ideal option.
With a generator, if load shedding happens after hours, their server still needed to
be re-booted in the early hours of the morning - before invoicing could be done.


We advised that their problem was better solved by our UPS battery back-up
system for the server, computers and laser printers.When Eskom's power fails, 
switch-over is instant and when it's back on the same happens!


A correctly sized system ensures vital equipment remains powered up 24/7 -
so no-one needs to haul out of bed at 2am to re-set everything.


Our 24volt - 2000 watt grid-tied inverter option did the trick with ample
battery back-up to even handle a triple whammy from Eskom.  


That's helping you make the right choice! :)


Cost to client: R22,000

NB. A suitable grid-tied generator would cost around R30,000