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Installing the panels

Inverter / Charger

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Jan needed help to source and install a grid-tied system which he purchased after scouring the internet for a suitable one to drive a pellet heater, TV and a reading light at their retirement home. A mutual friend said he should contact
us, as she knew how we had helped other folks to go off the grid.


After assessing his purchase we told him that it would even power his computer and more lights,and if they were away - it could also power their security lights. 


The system consists of a 24volt battery backed 1200watt grid-tied inverter with solar and grid charging options - the best of both. It uses the latest solar charge technology and has 3 separate circuit trip switches built in.
To go off-grid and save electricity you simply "pull the plug" and if there's not enough sun to maintain the battery just "plug it in" - how easy is that? 


Because of a technical hitch in the house wiring (common in most today) we couldn't simply isolate the plugs to be used. That being our biggest stumbling block, we installed dedicated lines from the inverter to separate plug points.
This means that there are two electrical systems - but each inverter supplied outlet is clearly marked and if overloaded only that circuit will trip. 


We completed the task in three days and organised a COC inspection to satisfy Jan's Insurance.


That's our commitment to you! :)



Cost of system:    R 38,000

Our cost to client: R 18,000