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Our 85% off-grid solar panels

Our long walk to Freedom.


JP Morgan told Tesla; "if your device cannot be metered I will stop investing"-
in his invention that made and could deliver electricity -
FREE to the world!

Suffice to say, Tesla was murdered and his plans destroyed!


Electricity plays a vital role in our lives but it's controller takes a huge chunk of your earnings. Solar PV makes it possible to slash Eskom's grip and save! 


Being brought up in the countryside I learned to survive using nature - and you can too, if you keep your wits about you. My passion for nature shows in what we as a family have achieved. It's been a few years now of wise investing and we're almost living free in the city - so watch this space! 


Eskom's load shedding woes make it even easier for you to take the plunge. 
A reasonably priced 1, 2 or 3 kilowatt system can easily take a room or two off the grid within your home. That is how we do it - without hurting your pocket!


Many folks have been conned into buying cheap "square wave" inverters for home use which don't last. Most aren't designed to work continuously and their wave form consists of spikes and clips which do over time - damage your electronic stuff.
Designed for the outdoor market they can power lap-tops or lights for an hour or so.
Our advice - don't waste your money - we install pure sine wave inverters. 


A solar charge controller is the most important and costly part of any PV system. 
It is the heart of a good installation and will last a lifetime. 
Care should be taken to  decide on the size - as the bigger it is - the more panels it allows you to buy and
add to the system without having to purchase another (for a higher capacity load).

We use the best option available.


During final manufacture solar panels are graded into A or B class depending on measured performance, but all look the same - so buyer beware! They come in all sizes, the most cost efficient being those above 200 Watts per panel.
We only install A grade as they harvest a lot more for longer.   


Batteries are the roots of a solar energy tree - without them inverters can't work. Most camping stuff uses 12 volts but for household use it's better with a 24 or 48 volt combination. Our preference is to 24 volts as the inverter cost to efficiency gain from 12 to 24 is huge, while the next is only better by a point or so for a lot more out-lay. Batteries are expensive too, so it's best to buy quality that lasts. A good set, sized and installed properly with the right charger could easily last 10 years.
It's also better to have a bigger bank which won't be "sucked dry" repeatedly;
that way their life is extended. Deep cycle types - Gel are very popular, but Lead Crystal batteries are currently the best. Remember, never-ever use in combination  
- different types or sizes - that's asking for $#IT!

We don't contract to any supplier or battery type because of the demand -
they are always in short supply.


There are other grid-tied inverter systems that don't need batteries. You invest in making electricity and what you don't use feeds back into the grid via your meter. Yes it turns back but, you never re-coup your cost when you draw it back from the grid. Eskom must win - so you invest and Eskom profits - and when their lights go out you're also in the dark - what a no brainer!


So that's what we do, all for you - believe it - you won't look back! 


A 24 volt "starter system" should consist of -

2 x 255 Watts A grade panels

1 x 40amp MPPT charge controller

4 x 12v 130Ah deep cycle batteries

1 x 1.5kva (1200 Watts) inverter

This can run TV, dvd, printer, computers and lights of a 3 bed home fitted with LED's


That's what we mean by a robust off-grid system!


Details of our current home PV system

System capacity: 5kw (5000 Watts)

Usage: 3 bedroom 2 bathrooms kitchen and lounge/dining lights, office equip, TV, dvd, security system and lighting, gate, pool pump, 4 ponds and 2 well-points 
(excludes kitchen plugs/appliances) 

Cost : R75,000 (hardware only)

Return on investment - Priceless :-)