Solar Systems Explained

SAVE has raised the bar!

Our focus has rocketed solar savings to record levels!

We offer a unique, proven design that only uses nature's free energy to save you a lot more Rands than any other!

Our un-matched efficiency, fit-and-forget systems are guaranteed to save you 100% (weather dependent) 

We get nature - not Eskom - to meet your needs!



Do solar systems honestly save?


Many folks now say they don't get the annual savings they initially had and a lot have suffered also from repeated costly repairs.   


The reasons are simple - 

No two - even identical systems - are ever equal.
Everything is profit driven - especially in business today. 

Your savings depend hugely on the system design you select!
Only later, after tariff hikes and repairs do folks see their bad call.
But we bet - none of them have our SAVE free energy system!


Look closely at those bad calls?


Most systems are too small and many also use extra parts -
to boost a suppliers profits - not your savings!


Nearly all systems are grouped in what we call "off-the-shelf designs."

They are simply way too small to make any real, consistent savings and  

are often sold as deals which helps suppliers make more profits.
Folks like you get un-knowingly "conned" with these undersized units!
They can't replace the hot water being used - quick enough - so,
you still need Eskom's input - who profits daily from those design limits.

And, as the first shower is taken, click... silently the element goes on!

So Mr Solar profits, you save a bit - but you still use Eskom daily!



Now to the extra parts design group we call the "weak-link systems." 
They use man-made electrical and moving parts like valve, sensors, seals and a pump, all "linked-in-a-chain" to make the system work! 

Suppliers love them as they are quick and easy to install but in time, the heat stops them working and your supplier gets to profit again - not you!

Us engineers know, those parts can never survive the heat; not even for a decade, so the chain breaks repeatedly. Our advice - BEWARE!


Yup, with those systems you lose the most as Mr Solar profits time and again from their "weak links" and Eskom profits - as usual!



Sadly folks aren't aware that with either of those limited designs and tariff hikes, their savings shrink a lot over time - it's a proven fact. 
Yup, with them, Eskom and suppliers profit more - not you!

Our un-matched design cuts Eskom "to the bone" guaranteed!


Now - it's your call?





Virtually all rebated systems need Eskom's input - even at the height of summer. Generally we all get what we pay for in life - SAVE systems guarantee you free energy - for life!

Off-the-shelf, quick-fit models rarely cope with more than a 2 person household. SAVE strives to capture the maximum free energy possible - to meet all your daily needs.

Suppliers who don't use your original (paid for) geyser do so to make more profit. Any geyser is easily converted to optimise our SAVE no-strings-attached system.

A small panel (or 20 evac tubes) saves very little as it won’t deliver much above 60°C. Our SAVE off-the-grid systems harvest buckets more for free, reaching well over 85°C.

Seeing a collector drain valve is a sure sign of a weakness as it's only there for future repairs. Our SAVE no-strings-attached natural energy systems definitely don’t need one.

Lifting the lid - to raise the bar! 
A closer look at other solar systems and Our naturally free answers.

A geyser fitted below the panel will in time have problems  because it needs a pump to work. SAVE fit-and-forget systems all use free energy principals - at no extra cost!

Any pump needs electricity which adds another link to the working chain and cuts potential savings. SAVE off-grid designs may use a bit of Eskom in winter - when it's cold.

Pumps and valves need regular servicing to prevent hot water escaping out of a geyser. Our SAVE maintenance free designs don't use any parts that need servicing.

Evacuated tube collectors are too flimsy and fragile for our harsh African weather. Our SAVE fit-and-forget robust collectors still stand in service after 38 years.

Collectors misaligned from North lessen efficiency and reduce potential savings. SAVE designs encompass every aspect of natural energy precisely for your need.

All-in-1 collector/geyser models are mostly too small to achieve any really significant saving. Our systems are specifically built to optimise your energy savings.

Systems with collectors placed up high never last as they must use a pump with wearing parts. SAVE uses natural energy, super-efficiently to max your trouble free gains.

Geyser wise monitors don't make the system work any better. Our systems are designed to SAVE you money
and not waste it on expensive gizmos!


SAVE uses Nature Only - to free your needs!  

Standard Flat Plate (FP) System


Eskom rebate (off-the-shelf)   

Uses ±40% less electricity

Design limits efficiency          

Minimal maintenance & savings

Installation cost approx. R15k

Evacuated Tube (ET) System


Eskom rebate (off-the-shelf)  

Uses ±50% less electricity

Design is a bit more efficient

Fragile, flimsy, not Africa proof

Installation cost approx. R18k

Our SAVE Off Grid System


Client specific design

Uses ±95% less electricity

Design is super-efficient

Robust, maintenance free

Installation cost from R24k

What's the difference?

 Call us for guaranteed free energy for life! 

Our robust, free energy system attains over 85°C to guarantee you the most savings ever.


Our decades proven 'off-the-grid' designs will slash your Eskom use - radically.


SAVE 'no-strings-attached' HW systems deliver without failure - for life.  


Our systems 'switch Eskom off' for over 8 months.

Our “fit-and-forget” systems have a long +35 year history without failure.