Solar Off-Grid Geysers

Don't get ripped off!

An intro to the real value - in what we offer. 


From the design that still stands in the test of time - to 
unique system many folk call "the benchmark!"

In 1978 at our Lakeside home an agent explained the benefits and his words of wisdom remain true to this day.
He told us to check out an example of his work near the shops and the best is - it's still up there for all to see!
38 years on and working every day - without a glitch. 
An icon of engineered simplicity and natures reliability

But, being designed like most still are today, its limited capacity needs Eskom's expensive input - daily!


SAVE has radically increased those free energy gains with a unique design of un-matched capacity - to proudly stand as the #1 choice of folks who strive to live off-grid.
Our "no strings attached" fit-and-forget system is 100% maintenance free and will supply you buckets more than any other - using nothing but the sun!


That is our guarantee! 

Without a doubt; only a robust nature-efficient design, a thorough assessment, planning and precise installation will achieve real savings. 
Any compromise will affect your result.

We strictly focus on your advantage of using nature’s energy potential, harnessing it in ways that always work without failure for decades. That is our benchmark! 
You also save by re-using servicable items while we aim to switch your geyser off the grid. That is our target! 


Our uniquely efficient systems already help large active families who need plenty hot water at all times of the day. Slashing geyser bills by 100% (weather dependant) they have an element for those rare Africa days without sun. We use NATURE - not Eskom - to FREE your needs!  

get the facts behind the quote to make the right "savings" choice.

Our answer is simple;

Our inspiration of simplicity and nature's reliability

One of our many off-grid systems