Solar Electricity

Solar electricity has a very bright future in Africa with its plentiful resource. Our world will be solar driven before the end of the century!

As Eskom fails and your cost spirals, solar electricity is more viable and reliable. Have prices come down? No, but they 
have stabilised, making it affordable to a lot more people.


And technology is rapidly advancing with panels now having built-in micro inverters that deliver a 220v AC
output and even paint-on panels - still in development.


In fact, to the novice it’s a minefield with a huge array of choices that can bog you down. 


Our approach is simple - We help folks!

We consistently sift through the advancements, keeping us ahead of our game, so we can focus on offering you the most up to date options. Our modular approach to going off grid also makes it easier on your finances and helps you with
a smoother transition.

Our current 75% off grid panels

Of course, the stumbling block with all off grid systems is where and how to store the energy for when the sun is gone; at night
or during bad weather. Expensive batteries are still the norm at the moment, but we have some awesome tricks up our sleeve.


You see, we’ve been on this road for years; testing components and making changes when it didn’t quite work out until we perfected the options we offer today. Tested for years and backed by our supplier guarantees; our systems begin by providing a limited supply for Eskom outages, then progressively and systematically taking you off the grid for life. Our win-win strategy helps you save, cleans up our environment and frees us all. 


Our smallest recommended quality unit which delivers a 1.5kva power output can be used to keep a computer, TV and a few lights (or other appliances) on, so long as their combined watts total doesn’t exceed the inverter capacity. That info is found on the appliance ID plate or in it's manual. A built-in overload protection switches the inverter off if that occurs. With advances in LED’s it is now possible for this unit to power the basic lighting requirement of an average 3 bedroom home - off the grid. 


Supplier component prices (which make up a system) vary so much it is easier to state that we are committed to SAVE you the most we possibly can. On average a small grid-tied (2-4hr) back-up system currently costs upwards of R18 500 excluding installation.