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Off-Grid Solar Geysers 


Natural & Eco Pools

Using nature as both a source of inspiration and energy, SA Value Engineering specialises in designing bespoke energy solutions to fit your lifestyle and aspirations.


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Finally, a solar geyser design that actually works; slashing your bill by up to 100% and keeping your geyser off the grid for up to 10 months.


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An all-natural pool filtration process that uses no toxic chemicals, acids or salt and runs on a smidgen of electricity.


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A money saving strategy that literally slashes your water bill by over 90% with our affordable solutions.


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Off-Grid Solar Electricity

A viable and versatile solar PV system that systematically takes you off the grid and cuts Eskom usage the easy way.


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Grow your own organic food using nature's cycle with this ingenious symbiotic food system.


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Diesel Power

The most reliable 'man made' heavy power solution to combat Eskom's outages at a moment's notice. 


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