Eco Pool - Tokai

Keeping the peace can save money! 


Louise's 12,000 litre plunge pool was why she chose her house.
But, the seller didn't warn her about the noisey pump because its
resonating enclosure is built onto the neighbours bedroom wall.


Understanding her crisis, we said we can "kill two birds with one stone!"

Not only would the neighbour be at peace, but Louise would save big time too.

Our unique, super-efficient system was installed. 

Its very quiet 0.35kw pump copes easily with her pool heating.


As extra precaution we mounted it on a rubber cushion to minimise vibration within the enclosure. Her neighbour is ecstatic!


Louise's pool now uses only 3units/day instead of 10 it did before!

Her water saving is huge too - with a filter rinse - only twice a year!   



That's saving more, sensibly - and so quietly!