Natural Pool - Botriver

Relaxing - in nature!


Pete's pool pump needed priming that took about an hour - every time it switched off. He had it covered it most of the year, 
but liked our idea of a natural swimming pond even with  some Tilapia fish - from his dams.


We found the pump and filter assembly were sited too far - at some 25m away and 2m plus, above the water level.
Clearly that was why he had the priming/suction issues.

We swopped his 1.1kw unit and positioned our little 0.2kw powerhouse pump next to the pool to cure his headache. 


Our unique biofilter system for the fish waste and some water plants balances the eco-system in the pool.  

Now his pool-pond is more pleasing to the eye and eco-friendly; better than that toxic, clinically bare look most pools have!


His unique system now runs 24/7 for about R2500 a year.
A huge saving compared to his previous cost with the bigger pump for only10 hrs/day - that was a crazy R6500 per year!


That makes much more sense - naturally!