Eco Pool - Tokai



We keep your headaches - in check!


Mike's 60,000lts pool is plagued by their deciduous, extra large leaf trees. And to add another headache to this, his pool service company blatantly charged him every month for toxic chemicals without a long term solution? He said, "it's clean for about a week after they've been at R750 a time!"

He contacted us after seeing what we had done for his friend - a client. What we found (as with many pools), the "creepy" is totally useless  against leaves of any kind - it only takes one to jam it and block the flow! 
With our focused approach of using nature's free energy, we had to ensure good circulation for starters to fix this real headache.


We dumped the creepy and that toxicchlorinator, modified the filter and replaced his 1.1kw pump with our mighty Eco 0.25Kw unit - which in itself is a massive money saver! We fitted an extra large skimmer to grab as
much floating debris as possible and to help create the circulation needed. Lastly, by adding other visual aids to the mix our easy, super-saving system was good to go with no more flow restrictions.


Now it's clear throughout the year and with natural free energy, the sunken leaves and debris get conveniently pushed and collected into the centre to be easily vacuumed out. We did advise the use of a chlorine floater due to the continuously high volume of leaves.


His monthly costs have been cut by a staggering 85% and he no longer needs those outrageous invoices from that pro pool service company!
He's also really pleased with his minimal, easy maintenance checklist.


Whule fixing his pool we also repaired its fountain, re-worked their leaking, green, but now - forever clean - fish pond and fixed a water feature pump.
2 rocks in the pool help his "froggie friends" hop out after their swim too!  



That’s the way - aha aha - we do it - aha aha!