Eco Pool - Kirstenhof

Getting it right means - you will save!


Grant's 30,000 litre pool was meant to be heated but never got any benefit.
We were tasked to change his noisy pump and reduce his running costs.
But we also found his heating system was completely non-functional.


The system piping had melted and collapsed causing a restriction in the flow. Obviously the water wasn't getting up to the system on his double-storey roof. On repositioning the system controls, we found the original non-return valve had been glued open - that installer error caused it all.


Modifing his existing filter we replaced his 1.1Kw with a 0.45Kw pump and relocated the solar panels on to his garage roof. 


Our modifications means the chlorinator is off and our smaller pump easily gets the water to the solar heating located over 30m away.


His pool energy need has been cut by 50% and the heating finally works!  


That’s saving money - without compromise!