Eco Pool - Lakeside


Cutting costs - the easy way!


Don has a 45,000 litre pool in a strong windy area with trees.
He switched it off through winter due to its high running cost.


He checked us out and decided to give our eco-system a go. Throwing in flocculants we started the cleaning process. 3 days in and much backwashing later we were almost there.
Day 5 - job done!


Before: 1.1kw pump/chlorinator used over 14 units/10hr day. After: 0.2kw pump and eco-filter uses 3 units/10hr day.


That’s a saving in electricity alone of more than R6,000/year!
We suggested he check the ph. often and if needs be, add small doses of chlorine due to the high levels of wind driven debris and sediment in the pool.


That’s really smart saving - big time!