Our Eco Pool

Our pool is an asset - not a liability! 


This is our 20,000 litres fibre-glass pool and the prototype for all our ideas and developments.


It did have a salt chlorinator with a 1,1kw pump and sand filter when we purchased the property.   


Besides using it for swimming we harvest rain water for our garden too. And later took another step by plumbing it into the house for our laundry and toilets.:) That’s our easy and simple, water-wise efficeincy today - which could also be yours! 


Our eco-filtration system uses a tiny 0.2 kilo-watt pump and steriliser, powered by our off-grid PV solar system.


We recovered all costs in less than 12 months.


Note: The stone helps our Leopard Toad family hop out after their swim too! 


That’s real magic - energy savings!