Natural & Eco Pools

Remember the catch phrase “put your pool on the pill.” - Barry Ronge responded;  

In ‘96 we purchased a house with our first ever pool. I saw myself as the pool’s cash-cow spending buckets on maintenance and the usual stuff. Pump, chlorinator, the sand, umpteen chemicals, even a filter housing and plus Eskom’s share to run it - it never stopped. When water restrictions came in - without thinking I backwashed it onto the garden - what a disaster! The chlorine destroyed it and Mrs E was not a happy bunny.  


I remembered my Dad’s farm reservoir/pool - that fresh clean water I often swam in as a kid and decided to change things by altering the filter system and later cut out all toxic chemicals - yup, it works  a treat! It's been 10 years now and it's a real pleasure seeing our endangered Leopard Toads enjoying it too. We also get many more birds visiting since that terrible chlorine smell has gone!


Our first pool - after rehab!

Take your pool off those pills  

and make it work for you!

“A pool is like a relative with a serious drug addiction that you are obliged to maintain!”


Our demand for instant gratification comes at a price which invariably leads to us poisoning ourselves and the planet.

Check your pool in with us to stop its nasty habits. We re-habilitate pools to free them and you - from the ravages of rising Eskom,

water and toxic chemical costs. It's how nature intended them to be - a refreshingly cool body of water to soothe the soul.  


That’s how we did our eco-pool - a "reservoir” to catch rainwater, swim, water the garden and even use in the house.
Hey folks it’s a no brainer - the way to go - using a lot less Eskom, water and toxic chemicals. It’s easy on the pocket
and even less to maintain with an occasional check on the pH and a vacuum brush when it’s needed. 


That’s saving naturally!  


A contracted natural pool

Our answer is simple;
Clean it with nature - not your wallet.

Generally, pools use about 10-15 units/day; even more than geysers. Together with the chemicals it costs you in the region of 
R850 - R950 and often higher every month. 


At SAVE we offer our proven solutions to your pool headaches.
It could be a natural water feature at a fraction of your monthly
cost with water so fresh you can actually drink it - straight up.
Just looking at it is awesome but swimming in it is the absolute
best - with a much healthier lifestyle.


For just a few units/day (about R200/month)
we put nature to work for you with huge savings 
in electricity, chemicals and a whole lot more!


That's living in nature!  


How does that work?

We create a filter section adjacent to (if space allows) or in the pool with a barrier wall, filled with our filtering aggregates and/or plants. 


The microbes and nutrients in the water actually fertilise the
eco-system in a happy symbiotic relationship.


Pool water passes via the filtering system to remove all large particulates and through a steriliser to kill off harmful bacteria.


The end result is clean, sterilised water which circulates back
into the pool - or may be used to water your garden.

How it compares

Regular Pool Filter System


Requires costly chemicals

Salt systems generate toxic Chlorine

Chlorine is inhaled, swallowed & absorbed via the skin

Most pumps use ± 1 unit's per hour

Filter sand is changed regularly & dumped 

Backwash wastes, pollutes & kills everything!

Our Energy Saving Filter System


Cost efficient and chemical free

Eco-system mimics nature 

Water is fresh & drinkable

Uses ± 0.3 unit per hour

Filter is regenerated & rinsed 

Rinse water can irrigate your garden