Off-Grid Solar Geyser - Constantia

Your proof is in our piping! 


Keith's reluctance to solar was based on experiences of his many contacts. 
He often heard - their various systems relied on a daily Eskom top-up,
which he said, and we agree, defeats the purpose and the expense.
And rightly so, but none of them have our "off-grid" system. 


Eventually, after feed-back from a friend with our system - Keith called.
Grasping its design and incredible benefits, we secured his favour. 


As a ex-banker he says it's the best investment he's ever made.

Since our install, his geyser has been switched-off from the grid. 

That’s now 9 months of totally free hot water - and counting! 


All our systems do just that - without failure for decades! 
We simply harness and capture 100% free energy for you. 


That's our ROI - most bankers can't beat!  :-)  




Geyser capacity: 400lt

3x bathrooms

Cost: R27 000

Payback period: ±2½ years


We also isolated his 150lt kitchen/guest geyser and
installed a power saving 10lt under-sink unit.