Off-Grid Solar Geyser - Rondebosch

Our focus and design get proven tops!

Third time lucky - because we do it right, first time! 


I met Nigel the day after his second system had been installed and he grumbled 
"Eskom's - - - - saved me absolute ziltch - niks!" Within a few months he    realised his new system was just as bad, and called for help.


Our focus found one geyser was sited badly and all the panels installed on the wrong, worst, West side - which he was told, makes no difference. What!!! 

Then we noticed that the North roof had lighter roof trusses and it needed bracing first, to carry panels! - Ah; the real reason for those west installations! .

Clearly, neither contractor had any concern for the client's needs and simply chose the easier-fit for a quick profit route. To us, "every picture tells a story!"


After bracing them up we moved stuff around to max the efficiency of our unique proven design and finished up re-routing the piping. Handing over at 2pm, Nigel called an hour later to say the reading on his geyser monitor was already 85°C   where it had previously maxed at only 56°C. Now we're talking!

In a follow-up chat sometime later he quoted -"Finally thanks to you, we can 
all (9) take a daily shower and there's still enough for the dishes!"


Our approach ensures that "our pictures tell the best story"- always! 


That’s how we do it - naturally!


Note: Like Nigel, if you don't get real savings, we can help.     

Cost to client: R8,000

Payback period: 4 months