Off-Grid Solar Geyser - Constantia

Before renovations

After renovations

Our product strength shines through!


Tony purchased his house 22 years ago from an owner builder who had us install the system 3 years prior.


Tony literally switches his geyser off for 10 months every year.
The system worked without a hic-cup - until this happening.


In 2011 severe storms ripped a huge branch off an old oak which
smashed the glass of one and cracked the other panel.
He said he's lucky our panels saved him a hefty roof repair bill.


He asked for our advice and we said if he wanted, he could leave them. 
Only the glass had broken but the rest was intact with no leaks.


Two years later they were still working when he called to replace them.        
The casings had finally rusted and he was in the process of renovating.


That's our robust - off grid system!



Geyser capacity: 200lt

Usage: 2 and a half bathrooms

Cost to client: R24,000

Payback period: 18 months