Diesel Power

Petrol vs Diesel - That's the choice?
Petrol engines may be cheaper but they have plenty hic-cups.

Plugs, fuel mix, spark - it never ends. The worst is fuel evaporation in storage, which gums up the carb to make starting it - a headache.  

Diesel is reliable and flexible!

The diesel engine design cuts all that - for easier, quicker starts and
it can also use renewable fuels such as vegetable oils or gas.

When fuel rocketed clients refused an increase and that was harsh!

With their tight budgets we really juggled things to honour the quote. 


After hours of research we aced it - a system for our diesel bakkie to use old chip oil, at a fraction of the pump cost, with no adverse effect.
In fact, the engine runs smoother, cooler and much quieter with the same power - and
no pollution!

So we modified our stand-by diesel genset to run on it too! :-)

Now we offer this conversion - to you!


A converted Lister diesel 

If only we could get enough to run our genset and cut Eskom altogether. 

Problem is, supply contracts now return used oil for new, but we have a plan.

We get enough to power our heavy stuff like laundry, iron etc - and outages :) 


Biodiesel is one fuel but it's messy to process with toxic Methanol and Caustic Soda.
And you can make glop (a gooey flop) which is hard to re-process or dump - not cool. 


But Diesel's can use other eco-fuel options and far outstrip those petrol hassles.
And soundproofing now makes them quieter - our #1choice for reliable back-up power.
Not surprisingly, Eskom uses diesel too - when their primary means (coal) fails!



An overseas friend says: 
“To listen to the soothing sounds of Africa we don’t put on a CD  
we hire a generator and fire it up!” :-)