Natures food - for life!


We are fortunate to have been raised out in the country and  understand a little more than most town folk - about nature.

Nature's life-cycle dictates that your waste will be another’s gain. That principal is precisely seen in the re-cycling process of aquaponics!


Combine aquaculture with hydroponics and you've got aquaponics, an ingenious symbiotic system of feeding
and cleaning between fish and plants.
Plants absorb the nutrients from the fish waste and return clean, oxygenated water to the fish in a self-feeding, self-cleaning system.
It’s an organic veggie patch and fish farm rolled into one. 


The World Health Organisation declared that a typical system with 100 fish in a cube of water (1000 litres) and a 4-1 veg/fish ratio can sustain a family of 4 indefinitely - with all their protein and nutrients. That really shows how incredible this system is. Plants grow much faster too, and with no toxic pesticides herbicides or chemicals - just nature sustaining your family!

Our gravity-feed system 

This form of veggie growing is even found on roof tops and balconies of high rises around the world.
And out of necessity folks have devised creative ways to utilise their limited spaces.
With gravel beds, vertical gardens or drip-feed baskets - there's no end to their ingenuity. 


We at SAVE know it is the best way to save on your food bill and offer our assistance to develop your own unique system.
Through continued research and trials we have the experience to help you get there. You can’t believe how easy it is.
From our DIY consulting fee to a completed system - we help you!     


That’s saving naturally - and sustainably!