Finally a natural system that saves you the most money. Slash your geyser bill up to 100% and keep Eskom out for over eight months every year, guaranteed.



Off-Grid Solar Geysers

Our unique all-natural filtration process that uses no toxic chemicals, acids or salt to save you over 60% of its monthly   costs, guaranteed.



Natural & Eco Pools
Energy solutions

From our off-grid power to aquaponics, oil to diesel conversions and fantastic water saving strategies.
We offer many solutions with guaranteed savings.







“Your idea of using my golf cart battery to power the inverter saved me a fortune!”
John of Hermanus


“You said your solar HW system is better than the rest and now I know it really is" 
Keith of Constantia


"Finally, after 2 hopeless solar purchases we (9) can all take a daily shower now and there’s still enough for the dishes!”

Nigel of Rondebosch


“We were paying R2K+ but now it’s only R800/month. We saved R12K last year.”

Andy of Muizenberg


"Keeping our pool going for free is a real bonus for us. We can’t believe how much money we’ve wasted over the years.”

Barry of Constantia


"Thanks for all your help and those extras.
You're a blessing to us oldies." (Solar PV) 

Jan of Silvermine


“Our timer was always on over-ride for the kids sports, now we don't need to do that!" Peter of Tokai


“After my first contractor failed to deliver on his deal, I am so thankful you were able to come and work your magic. My natural pool is at last a beautiful reality.”

Rose of Constantia


"Our UPS back-up system has already paid for itself in savings on overtime."

Eddie of Milnerton


"I never thought it was possible to bring our pool costs down to R200 a month."

Don of Lakeside


"My thanks to the guys as well for such an awesome job on our (solar PV) system."

Susan of Tableview


"Rob, your guys are great because they know exactly what's potting. How long have they been with you?" (UPS system)

A very happy pensioner


Natural energy.

There is no alternative.

Nature has the answer - Naturally!


Truth is - there's no such thing as alternative energy! 
We either use natural, renewable, free energy which is clean and unlimited - or man-made stuff that
 is a lot more expensive, toxic and in ever diminishing supply.......those are your options. 


Nature's cycles of energy re-generation maintains our survival - by breathing in her oxygen.
Natural energy is like that - easy to harvest or at worst, relatively in-expensive to capture.

Cost-effective innovations already provide us with shelter, comfort, food and light, but a more 
focused natural approach proves that we can live - for free is your choice.

SA Value Engineering is dedicated to helping all - with a host of reliable solutions that are super efficient, easy to maintain and will save you a fortune - without burning up our planet! :-)


Sample case studies show our focused commitment - to folk like you! 

About us


Based in Cape Town, our focus is simple - to help you genuinely SAVE - guaranteed. 


With nature’s consistent power, we engineer her unique principles to max your returns - naturally.
Our super-efficient, customer proven projects even slash costs in the garden and can also rid
your pool of toxic chemicals - helping you enjoy a much healthier, independent lifestyle.


Contact us today to discuss how we can help reduce your daily expenses, free yourself from municipal bungling and clean up both your conscience and the environment at the same time.


It naturally makes cents - to save your Rands by the bakkie load! ;-)